2023 election: The church and another illogical position, By Okolo Oteri Eme

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The “church” in Nigeria has boxed itself into another illogical position ahead of the 2023 elections just like they did in 2015 and 2019. They are praying that fully packed stadiums spilling into streets will beat scantily populated canopies erected within stadiums. They are hoping that structure, hard work, competence, diligence, and wisdom will over take a flash in the pan, aka “andrews liver salt.”

No where in scripture is Christianity advanced as illogical or wishful thinking but the “Nigerian Christianity ” unknown to the faith and basically put together by pastors over the years in direct contradiction to the bible has created a false cocoon where its adherents snooze in mediocrity from a belief that the “Nigerian god” will turn EVERYTHING in their favour without them lifting their fingers to work.

That faith without works is dead. To sit and count the cost of ventures before embarking or he that does not work will not eat are threads that run through the bible many times is not their business.

The result of such delusion interpreted as faith will be the same. It does not even matter that it is a Muslim candidate that predicted it, won ma lule surely ni. A 5 year old knows that already. The infantile “go get your PVC” singsong cannot change anything. Simple math and an understanding of the number should put such futility to rest.

Then they will spend another 8 years in bitter tantrums boxing themselves further into a cauldron of toxicity from where they will decide again that one corrupt Fulani Muslim is the anointed candidate over another or a random nominal Christian with links to terrorist and cultist organisations they had hitherto condemned and a documemted history of cornering state funds for personal purposes with no precedence of performance in governance is better than stars with track records.

God is NOT a politician; never have been. Jesus didn’t as much as engage the Roman occupiers who ruled Isreal in his time. He only referred to them when he was asked about taxes, and his response clearly showed Christians how to engage the government, but the church has no such time for Christ. Paul was more explicit being a politician and Roman citizen himself. His position was a mirror image of Christ’s, but today pastors want to engage in toxic and unstrategic politicking that will get them nowhere. Advancing their political affiliations and preferred candidates as the gospel. There is no precedence of that in scripture and IT WILL FAIL again.

Hopefully lessons will be learnt but I predict not. To learn will be to change their theology and focus on heaven and these crew are not ready for that.

The usual touch my anointed gang will snigger at this post. I am unbothered. All my life I have always been on the other side of mainstream Christian positions which has been vindicated over time. I make sure I default to scriptures, fact and reason without recourse to ANY man. This is nothing new.

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