2024 Hajj: IHR asks NAHCON to announce airlifting date

By Innocent Raphael

The Independent Hajj Reporters (IHR) has urged the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON) to promptly announce the commencement date for airlifting Nigerian intending pilgrims to Saudi Arabia.

The call, outlined in a statement by IHR’s national coordinator, Ibrahim Mohammed, emphasized the need for transparency and adherence to established practices.

Noting that several other major Hajj-participating nations have already disclosed their inaugural flight schedules, Mohammed highlighted the absence of such clarity from NAHCON.

While expressing concern over the approaching deadline for visa issuance via the e-track portal, IHR lamented NAHCON’s delay in providing crucial information regarding the inaugural flight.

IHR’s coordinator also underscored the importance of timely announcements, citing examples such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Malaysia, and Ghana, which have already publicized their respective airlift commencement dates.

IHR further urged NAHCON to address the disparity with urgency to align with international norms and promptly inform Nigerian pilgrims of their travel arrangements.

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