Adeleke charges wealthy individuals to support poor, less priveledged

Osun State Governor, Ademola Adeleke has challenged well meaning individuals in the state to support the poor, the weak and the challenged in order to develop the society.

Adeleke stated this on Friday in Ede, during an empowerment programme powered by his elder sister, Yeye Dupe Adeleke-Sanni.

He noted that society grows best when love is shown to one another.

Adeleke commended his elder sister for complementing the state government in the drive to empower the people.

He said the gesture was a signal that private individuals are supporting government in empowering the citizens.

The Governor also appreciated Adeleke-Sanni for keeping the family tradition growing saying “this is a tradition in my family and I am happy my sister is pulling through.”

“Thank you yeye for complementing the state government in the drive to empower our people. This is a signal to those of us in government that private individuals are moving to support empowerment of the citizens.”

He urged the beneficiaries to make the best use of the opportunity and not to let it fritter away.

“To the beneficiaries, I urge you all to make the best use of the materials. This is a golden opportunity which you should not fritter away.”

In her address, Yeye Adeleke-Sanni, who is the founder of Yeye Dupe Adeleke Foundation said philanthropy is an embedded culture in their family.

She said “philanthropism runs in my family. My life is an embodiment of giving and caring to the needy. Behind my public activism is a very strong passion for the materially challenged in the society. My deepest joy is bringing happiness and laughter to the troubled, either young or old

“Today is thus a day of empowerment from me as a private individual who is upholding a glorious family tradition. Through my foundation, I intend to expand the tempo of support for women empowerment, focussing on early school leavers, school dropouts and out of school children. We will rehabilitate street children, female refugees, teen mothers and orphans.

“For this empowerment event, beneficiaries cut across the entire state. The goal is to equip beneficiaries with sustainable economic materials. Hence today, my foundation will be giving out materials such as sewing machines, freezers, grinding machines, salon equipment, cash gifts and brand new Koropes.

“I task the beneficiaries to make the best use of the materials. Judicious management of the items will ensure economic independence for those selected for these opportunities. Officials of our foundation will continue to monitor beneficiaries to ensure their sustained growth on the path of economic empowerment.”

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