Adeleke’s one month of misadventures, vendetta, victimisation of political opponents in Osun

The past one month in Osun State has been that of inertia, movement without motion, arrested development and invitation of all manner of avoidable embarrassment.

There are chains of incidents and unsavoury events to affirm that the state governor, Ademola Adeleke, only strayed to grab power but has no capacity to start let alone move the metaphorical vehicle of the state.

Since the Ede-born accidental state governor strangely found his way into the political driver’s seat of the state thirty days ago, the story has been the unnecessary chastisement of the members of the opposition with violent attacks and victimisation. His predecessor, Mr Gboyega Oyetola and members of his cabinet, have not been spared of the malicious attacks either as spurious and fabricated allegations are daily peddled against them to tarnish their good image.

It was the third day after his inauguration that Adeleke started to complain ceaselessly with cooked-up allegations against Oyetola, of looting the Government House and staff quarters and plunging the state into humongous debt.

A discerning mind would ask what happened to the said looted Government House between the night of Sunday, November 27, 2022 and Wednesday November 30, 2022 that the unsubstantiated allegation of the looting was made when an unrestricted wild night party was held for PDP members and their supporters?

Adeleke’s first assignment, following his maiden address, was the invocation of six illegal Executive Orders among which were the freezing of all the state and local government accounts in all the banks and needless locking out of three monarchs in the Osun Central Senatorial District of the state.

Adeleke’s invocation of executive orders to run his government are illegal because the governor has not yet constituted the state executive council; such executive order could only be exercised after the subject of a policy has been subjected to robust debates in the state executive council.

Since the state executive council is not yet in place, the purported executive orders are efforts in futility and illegality; any policy that emanates from the illegal executive order is spineless and cannot stand the test of time.

Again, it is on record that the apparently confused governor has adopted the use of committees to run his government. Committees which raison d’etre is to indict Oyetola, his government and those who worked with him.

The people of Osun State will not forget in a hurry the number of the irritating press statements that the PDP/Adeleke have churned out within the last one month which are believed to have surpassed the number of the press statements released in the life of the administration of Oyetola.

Ineptitude, ignorant and lazy approach of Adeleke and his handlers to governance is the reason the PDP and the interim governor have refused to learn that the law, convention and practice have verifiable protection for Oyetola and members of his cabinet in the vehicle carting away saga.

It is also on record that Nurudeen Adeleke failed to accord required courtesy to Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye who, in his usual practice, came for his ministerial mission, few days to this year’s Christmas. Adeleke did not only refuse to grace the programme with his presence, he also did not send any official to represent him at the event held at Ada in Boripe Local Government Council Area of the state, few kilometers to Abere, the seat of power. 

Through his politics of vendetta, victimisation and oppression, Adeleke contributed to the celebration of bleak Christmas festival for all the public workers who served Oyetola as he refused to pay them their November salaries under the guise that they were in the possession of government vehicles which is falsehood. 

The question is, if it was right for the drivers, personal assistants, domestic staff and all other categories of former government staff, to be allowed to starve while Adeleke was dancing to an Azonto music during the 30th wedding anniversary celebration of Chief Dele Momodu, the publisher of OVATION Magazine?

In the last 30 days also, the list of extra-judicial killings and attacks on members and perceived members of the opposition (APC) has been on the increase while professed political thugs are constantly on the prowl in the state.

About a fortnight ago, a park revenue collector, one Waheed Abioye, was killed, his right leg cut off and burnt into ashes by suspected political thugs in Osogbo while Oyetola’s Commissioner for Works, Engr Remi Omowaiye, and a hoard of his supporters, escaped by the whiskers, from the hands of some identified political hoodlums in Ilesa-West Local Government Council Area.

It is pertinent for the PDP and Adeleke to learn how to play politics and co-habit with the opposition with tolerance because they were in the opposition for twelve years devoid of molestation and oppression by Oyetola or his party.

This statement would be tagged inconclusive if a reference is not made to the rift of the men and officers of the State Security Service (SSS) and the Adelekes which culminated to the withdrawal of the elite security officers from the governor and subsequent summoning of Adeleke to Abuja by the overall head of the Service two weeks ago which was first of its kind in the history of the state.

The state police command and other security agencies in the state should double up their efforts and be further pro-active in order to address frontally political schism in the state.

Chief Kola Olabisi,                                     

Director of Media,                                           

Osun State APC

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