Adult to contribute N500 towards insecurity in South West, AYDM advocates

…calls on South West Govs to set up a regional security Trust Fund

The Alliance of Yoruba Democratic Movements (AYDM) has advocated for every adult in South West states to contribute N500 towards tackling insecurity in the region, calling on Governors of the South West States to set up a regional security Trust Fund.

AYDM in a statement signed by its General Secretary, Mr Popoola Ajayi, said the security trust fund.should be managed by non-state actors selected by each of the six states in the South West.

AYDM is an alliance of over 130 Pan Yoruba and community-based groups in largely Yoruba territories including Kwara, Kogi, Akoko Edo, and Itsekiri part of Delta State.

AYDM said it estimates that the South West States should be able to realise no fewer than N100billion in the first six months of its launch.

The group said no single state in the West can resolve insecurity without networking with others in the region.

Ajayi said the funds should be raised from contributions of State Governments, corporate organisations, Yoruba in Diaspora, individuals, professional and artisan groups resident in the West.

“There are some 60million people in South West. Every adult from the age of 18 resident in the West should be encouraged to contribute a minimum of N500 to the Fund. This will be invested in providing necessary material and training for Amotekun, while creating and building a strong Intelligence Bureau that would tackle all varieties of crime in the region, ” the AYDM said.

AYDM said part of the fund should be used to set up security posts in all the borders across the region and also established a Training School on Intelligence and Counter intelligence adding that it would aid the ability of the region to prevent crim e before and not after the acts have been committed.

The group said the West is the most industrialised in Nigeria and continues to witness mass migration of people fleeing from other parts of Nigeria, the Magreb and even Sudan who see the region as economic haven.”

The group said it is deeply concerned about the rising menace of kidnapping and other violent criminal activities in Yorubaland and the occupation of arable land by armed groups which hated to food insecurity.

AYDM is urging the Southwest Governors to take collective proactive measures in securing the region by establishing the Regional Security Trust Fund.

It argued that the recent surge in criminal activities, particularly kidnapping, banditry, cultism, cyber crime and drug abuse has raised alarm bells within the Yoruba communities

AYDM said it recognizes the need for a collective effort to address these challenges and believes that a Regional Security Trust Fund would provide a sustainable and community-driven solution.

AYDM calls on the Southwest Governors to ensure  a transparent and accountable Regional Security Trust Fund that will allow Yoruba worldwide to make generous donations.

“This fund will also be instrumental in supporting police and other efforts of security agencies and initiatives aimed at tackling the growing threats to the safety and well being of the people.

“The time has come for creative thinking.  It is time for us to unite and take decisive action against the rising insecurity in our beloved indigenous territories by establishing a Regional Security Trust Fund, we can harness the collective strength and resources of Yoruba worldwide to support our security agencies and ensure a safer future for our communities,” said Ajayi

AYDM said the proposed Security Trust Fund will serve as a channel for individuals, businesses, and organizations, both within and outside  to contribute towards the enhancement of security infrastructure, training, and intelligence gathering efforts.

“This collaborative approach is crucial in fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among all stakeholders” Ajayi said.

AYDM emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in managing the Regional Security Trust Fund.

“Clear mechanisms for monitoring and reporting the utilization of funds should be established to ensure that contributions are utilized effectively and efficiently” Ajayi said.

The Alliance of Yoruba Democratic Movements is ready to collaborate with the Southwest Governors, security agencies, and other stakeholders to make this Security Trust Fund a reality.

Ajayi said “AYDM is confident that through collective action, we can create a safer and more secure environment for Yoruba at home and abroad.”

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