African Health Ministers meet in Addis-Ababa on health security, seek equity

Ministers of health from different African countries underlined how critical it is to improve the architecture of global health, deal with injustices and counterproductive behaviour by some actors, and stay away from complacency as this can result in cycles of fear and neglect in the health sector.

The health minister of Nigeria, Ali Pate, on Saturday revealed information about the meeting through his X account.

According to his post, he and his colleagues emphasised the need for a coordinated effort to enhance the general health infrastructure and address the underlying causes of health disparities.

The meeting was held in Addis Ababa, the state capital of Ethiopia.

He stated that they think we can make the world a better and more just place for everyone if we band together.

“Following the serious global shock of the Covid-19 pandemic, which revealed key weaknesses in the global health architecture, inequities, and unhelpful behaviors by few actors, we must seize the moment, avoid complacency that will perpetuate cycles of panic-and-neglect.

“It was great joining my fellow African Ministers of Health at the High-Level Ministerial Consultative Meeting on the Pandemic Treaty #INB and #WGIHR Negotiations in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Thanks to the AU deputy Chairperson, my brother DG @AfricaCDC @JeanKaseya2 , Minister of Health of Zambia Hon Sylvia Masebo MP @SylviaTMasebo, and the Hon Minister of Health of Ethiopia Mekdes Daba @MekdesDaba, and all others for facilitating a wonderful meeting.

“The discussions were largely aimed to build a consensus and forge a common front to advancing Africa’s health security as part of the negotiations for this once-in-a-generation pandemic treaty, to make global health security possible on more equitable terms and for present and future generations.

“We see Africa not in isolation but as integral part to guaranteeing health security for the world, in the face of potential and emerging pandemic threats.

“It was great to see such great energy, diverse intellect and perspectives among my sisters and brothers African Ministers of Health from all the @_AfricanUnion Member States.

“As the #INB negotiators move to the final, difficult phase, I have a feeling that, Africa, organized as it is in this negotiation, will lead by example in the give-and-take necessary to secure the important Agreement for ensuring more equitable and healthier world, with health before profits during pandemic crisis.

“Also, many thanks to the African Ambassadors and Negotiators in Geneva, Switzerland, and the INB Bureau co-chairs and members, for all their hard work and constructive collaborations.

“We must not fail, and we must not delay.”

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