Alimosho LG holds peace, security meeting to tackle crime surge

By Innocent Raphael

The Chairman of Alimosho Local Government in Lagos State, Jelili Sulaimon, has organized a critical peace and security meeting over escalating crime rates in the local community.

A statement signed by the Special Adviser on Media to the Chairman, Babatunde Yusuf, said the gathering was a collaborative effort involving religious leaders, traditional heads, and law enforcement agencies, adding that it served as a platform to evaluate and strategize on security measures to safeguard lives and properties in the area.

Various stakeholders tackled security concerns impacting their immediate surroundings, organizations, and communities. The range of issues discussed spanned from substance abuse, petty theft, and the influx of motorcycle-related crimes, activities of the acclaimed iron pickers, thuggery, kidnapping & general insecurity, instances of bullying in schools, and the unwitting transportation of illicit goods by delivery personnel.

Addressing the gathering, the Oba of Orisumbare Kingdom while praising the efforts of the police, highlighted the importance of community cooperation with law enforcement and advocated for proactive measures to combat criminal activities.

The meeting was attended by Obas of Shasha, Egbeda, and Orisumbare Kingdoms, Division Police Officers, the LNSC commander, religious leaders, market representatives, and various governmental agencies including the NIS, NSCDC, and NOA, convened to solicit recommendations and guidance from security experts on charting a path forward.

The meeting concluded with actionable recommendations and a call for increased collaboration between local authorities, community organizations, and state-level stakeholders to combat the prevailing security challenges effectively.

In his remarks, the Council Chairman reaffirmed his commitment to supporting initiatives aimed at ensuring a safer environment for all residents.

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