Atiku complex, By Sam Omatseye

Last week, this essayist wondered at Atiku’s math for dumping five or six governors and replacing them with Ayu. The other mathematical oddity was harped on again last week by the APC governorship candidate in Delta State, Ovie Omo-Agege, when he lashed out at Atiku for selling the Delta Steel Complex that cost the Federal Government $1.5 billion for a paltry $30 million. He has not explained the math to us. How does minus become plus. I am nonplussed.

Maybe Atiku is the new Math genius in town and he knows something about figures that we do not know. But the man has no speech in this as in other matters. Ifeanyi Okowa has had nothing to say about that as governor of the state. Okowa, who is Atiku’s running mate, is running from facts. If Delta supports Okowa, it means the people are lining behind the man who collaborated with the rapist. It is like applauding the gangster who defiled the spinster of the family. Abomination!

Rather than address the issues raised by Omo Agege, Okowa keeps saying the man has no power to say the facts. Omo Agege has accused him of wasting the resources of the state. Delta collects more money than any state in the Niger Delta. But it is one of the worst developed. He should go next door to Akwa Ibom where another PDP governor, Udom Emmanuel, is doing work after work, project after project. This essayist challenged Okowa to come clean on his involvement in the Premium Trust Bank and that he asked the state agencies to open accounts there. The banks who gave him loans are not willing to disburse because of this. He has kept mum, and that is why the Atiku campaign is not flowing with cash. Okowa has not responded.

Can we see why Tinubu calls Atiku Mister Privatise? I think he is also Mister Seller. The other guy is Mister Stingy who would not even pay his state government for his posters. He is robbing his own state of Anambra. Maybe that is his definition of stingy. It is stinging.

Source: First published in The Nation Newspaper

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