Obasanjo and I agree Obi will make Nigeria better, says Ayo Adebanjo

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A leader of Afenifere, a pan-Yoruba socio-political organisation, Chief Ayo Adebanjo, has revealed that himself and former President Olusegun Obasanjo are backing Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi to win next year’s election.

In an interview with The PUNCH, Adebanjo said both himself and Obasanjo believe Obi is the best man to make Nigeria better.

He said even though he had disagreed with Obasanjo before on certain issues, they are on the same side on this for the good of the country.

He said: “What unites us is Nigeria. All the time I disagreed with him, there was no personal issue. It was on this issue of Nigeria and we agree it should be better. We all agreed that Obi is the man. That is why we are friends. And that was what we made clear to the people of the East. It was the question of Nigeria and we were able to demonstrate the importance of Obi’s victory in the election. Even people who do not agree on things agree on this one.

“That is to show you that we elderly people are united in one thing: bring Nigeria together. We are not looking at the past; that will not help us now. What will help us is to amend all the evil things that the (President, Major General Muhammadu) Buhari (retd.) government has done. The man (Buhari) is telling us he has done his best when his best is the worst administration we have had in the past 20 years.”

He further praised Obi for running an issue-based campaign so far.

“Not all of them have been having issues-based (campaigns) and that is the truth, but Obi has been running issues-based campaigns. He has been very consistent about what he plans to do. Tinubu’s people have been abusing people, while Atiku’s people are also attacking them,” he added.

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