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    Zelensky invites China’s Xi to visit Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky invited Chinese leader Xi Jinping to visit Ukraine during an interview on Tuesday. “We are ready to see him here,” Zelensky told The Associated Press. “I want to speak with him. I had contact with him before full-scale war. But during all this year, more than one year, I didn’t have.” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Mao…

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    Afe Babalola’s £10m donation to King’s College UK to help African students

    Founder of Ade Babalola University, Aare Afe Babalola has donated £10million to Kings College UK to establish the Afe Babalola African Centre for Transnational Education. The new Centre will enable young Africans to access education and opportunities which they would otherwise not be able to have. The vision for the Centre is based on the power of education to empower…

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  • 2023 02 18T115954Z 1588279037 RC2NDZ998G8I RTRMADP 3 SECURITY MUNICH USA

    Kamala Harris to discuss China influence, debt distress in Africa

    This weekend, Vice President Kamala Harris begins a three-country tour of Africa as the United States seeks to pitch itself as a better partner than China, which has invested heavily in the continent over several decades. Harris will be in Ghana from March 26 to 29, and then in Tanzania from March 29 to 31. Her final stop is Zambia,…

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    Iran condemns France for ‘repression’ of protests

    Iran on Friday condemned what it called France’s repression of protests after more than 450 people were arrested and nearly as many police were injured in demonstrations against pension reforms. Protesters clashed with French security forces Thursday in the most serious violence yet of a three-month revolt against President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to change the retirement age from 62 to…

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    US-Canada agree to turn back asylum seekers at border

    A new US-Canada border deal meant to halt the flow of asylum seekers at unofficial border crossings has taken effect. Migrants caught crossing anywhere along the 3,145 mile (5,060km) border can now be sent back. Large numbers of unsanctioned crossings have been recorded via Roxham Road at the US-Canada border. The new accord closes a loophole that allowed migrants to…

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    King Charles’ visit to France postponed as protests continue over Macron pension reforms

    King Charles has been forced to postpone his state visit to France as police and protesters continue to clash over President Emmanuel Macron’s retirement age reforms. The monarch’s three-day trip with his wife Camilla, Queen Consort from Sunday was set to be his first abroad after becoming King – but it is being rescheduled following the announcement of more widespread protests. The French feared the security…

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    ‘Talk to Putin, Pretoria!’: Belgium

    Belgium on Thursday called on South Africa to use its relationship with Russia to help end the war in Ukraine, during a state visit by the Belgian king to Pretoria. “Given your strong historical links with Russia we would be delighted if you consider using your channels of communication to advance on a path towards peace” Belgian Foreign Minister Hadja…

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  • 2023 03 21T180223Z 624437407 RC2GYZ993Z0P RTRMADP 3 UGANDA LGBT

    Uganda’s new anti-homosexuality law bans identification as LGBTQ

    Uganda’s parliament has passed sweeping antigay legislation that proposes tough new penalties for same-sex relationships and criminalises anyone identifying as LGBTQ. While more than 30 African countries, including Uganda, already ban same-sex relationships, the new law passed on Tuesday appears to be the first to outlaw merely identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ), Human Rights Watch said.…

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    France’s leaders fight 2 no-confidence motions as the pension backlash rages on

    France’s government is facing a critical, maybe fatal, moment Monday with no-confidence motions filed by lawmakers who are furious that President Emmanuel Macron ordered the use of special constitutional powers to force through an unpopular bill raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 without giving them a vote. National Assembly lawmakers are set to vote in the afternoon on…

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    Xi Putin meeting: What to expect from China-Russia talks

    Chinese President Xi Jinping is embarking on his first trip to Russia since the country invaded Ukraine last year, and is set to sit down for talks with President Vladimir Putin. Our Russia editor Steve Rosenberg and China correspondent Stephen McDonell have been considering what each side seeks to gain from the talks, and what we know about the relationship…

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