Court gives conflicting orders on Kano Emirship

By Innocent Raphael

As the tussle for power over the seat of Emir continues, Federal High Court in Kano has ordered the eviction of Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II from the Kofar Kudu Emir’s Palace, while a State High Court has simultaneously restrained security agencies from executing the eviction.

The Federal High Court, presided over by Justice S. A. Amobeda, issued an ex parte order on Tuesday, directing the police to ensure that all rights and privileges due to Aminu Bayero, the 15th Fulani Emir of Kano, are upheld. Justice Amobeda stated that the order was necessary for the interest of justice and to maintain peace in Kano State.

The Federal High Court’s order includes an interim injunction preventing any authorities from harassing or arresting Emir Bayero and ensures he can use the Kofar Kudu Emir’s Palace and enjoy all related rights and privileges. The court has scheduled further hearings for June 4.

Contrastingly, the State High Court on Miller Road, Kano, has issued an order restraining the police, State Security Service (SSS), and the Nigerian military from evicting Emir Muhammadu Sanusi II.

The case was brought forward by Sanusi and the four kingmakers of Kano: Madakin Kano Yusuf Nabahani, Makaman Kano Ibrahim Sarki Abdullahi, Sarkin Bai Mansur Adnan, and Sarkin Dawaki Maituta Bello Tuta.

Presiding over the State High Court case, Justice Amina Adamu Aliyu granted an interim injunction protecting Emir Sanusi and the kingmakers from harassment or arrest.

The judge also prohibited any attempts to confiscate traditional symbols of authority, such as the Royal Hat of Dabo and the Emir’s sword, pending further hearings.

Justice Aliyu’s orders aim to prevent interference with Emir Sanusi’s functions and duties until the court reconvenes on June 13.

These conflicting orders from two courts have created a legal impasse, reflecting the ongoing tensions and complexities surrounding the Kano Emirate’s leadership.

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