‘Drunk Wike’ spends N50m weekly on alcohol – Amaechi

Former Rivers State Governor, Rotimi Amaechi has accused his predecessor of spending N50million every week on alcohol.

Amaechi who was speaking during campaigns for the All Progressives Congress (APC) governorship candidate in the state, Tonye Cole, said instead of developing the state, Wike has been spending the resources of Rivers to drink.

“The person Wike buys alcohol from said Wike spends N50 million every week on alcohol. The primary schools we built is N112 million, it means that in two weeks, Wike drinks one primary school. When Wike talks, it is alcohol that is talking. And he’s so shameless about it. Wike told the whole world on live TV that he was drinking a very expensive 40-year-old whiskey, in the morning.

“We are asking INEC to be neutral. The people have rejected Wike and his government. Every street I went to, people were jumping on top of me shouting. They were remembering that I built five flyovers, I did not dance. We employed 400 new doctors, bought cars for 600 doctors, bought ambulances for all the health centres. We went round primary schools to see what’s going on, and discovered there were no teachers, so we hired 13,200 teachers. By the time I left as governor, there was a contractor in every school to maintain the school. Where are the schools that he (Wike) built?” Amaechi said.

In separate visits to the communities, Amaechi gave the people reasons Tonye Cole is the best among the governorship candidates and should be voted governor.

“Compare Tonye and the other man, then compare our government with that of Wike. Did Wike do schools, did he do electricity? Your health care, we did. When you see Tonye Cole who is a business man, from business into politics, why won’t you invest in him? This is your time, come out and vote. When we win, things will change. The free education will be brought back,” he said.

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