Dunamis Church offers half-hearted apology to woman over public humiliation

Kunle Sanni

The leadership of Dunamis International Gospel Centre in Abuja has issued a “half-hearted” apology to a church member named Anyim Vera who was accused of giving false testimony by the Senior Pastor of the worship centre, Paul Eneche. 

During a church service on Sunday, Vera stated that she had graduated with a BSc in Law, but later it was revealed that she had graduated with an LLB in law. 

During her testimony, Pastor Eneche asked the lady what degree she graduated with. She responded that she had a degree in Law. He then asked her what kind of Law degree it was, and she replied that it was a BSc in Law. 

However, Pastor Eneche accused her of lying, which has led to criticism from many Nigerians, with many believing that the way he addressed her in front of the congregation was embarrassing for her.

On her part, Vera who took to her Facebook page on Monday has since reacted to the event she was disgraced and labelled a liar by her spiritual leader just because she couldn’t speak English and mistakenly said B.Sc instead of LLB.

She further stated that she graduated with a 3rd class from NOUN and was no. 2262 on the list of graduates from the school.

She wrote: “It’s disheartening because I couldn’t speak English like lawyers. I was labelled a liar for mistakenly saying B.Sc instead of LLB. Actually, I graduated with a Third Class at NOUN.

“The rejected stone can become the cornerstone. We’re reminded not to look down on anyone. U can’t imagine what I endured throughout the service. How shattered I must have felt to be disgraced by my spiritual leader in such a manner?


In what many Nigerians describe as a half-hearted apology, Sylvester Edoh, the church’s Personal Assistant Secretary to the Senior Pastor, Dunamis Int’1 Gospel Centre, said Vera claimed that she studied Law for 10 years and begged the question of what her degree actually could perhaps have suggested she lied.

The church said the pastor has reached out to her, noting that it regrets every inconvenience, hurt and embarrassment this unfortunate scenario has caused to Vera.

It said “While we remain resolute in our passion for excellence, intolerance of mediocrity and falsehood, we wish to reiterate the fact that no harm or hurt was ever intended by the Senior Pastor against Ms. Anyim Veronica, The Senior Pastor feels deeply concerned and had already reached out to her.

“As a Commission, We regret every inconvenience, hurt and embarrassment this unfortunate scenario has caused to Ms Anyim Veronica Nnenna. We remain committed to her physical welfare as well as her spiritual growth.

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