Eko Electricity Distribution Company sacks MD

The Managing Director of the Eko Electricity Distribution Company, {EKEDC}, Tinuade Sanda has been removed from her position.

According to the letter announcing her removal and dated March 21, Sanda’s sack is sequel to a directive from the National Electricity Regulatory Commission, (NERC), mandating EKEDC to ensure that all staff working for the electricity distribution company are employed directly by the utility and are bound by conditions applicable to the employees of the company and paid through its payroll.

EKEDC said it was obligated to obey this directive due to the powers of NERC as stipulated by the Electricity Act of 2023.

“In compliance to the above directive, all seconded staff of WPG Ltd are being released by EKEDC and returned to WPG Ltd,” the letter stated.

“You are hereby relieved of your role, office and position at EKEDC, effective immediately and returned to your employer, WPG Ltd, your employer.

“You are further directed to handover to the highest ranking staff of EKEDC under you.

“We hereby record our appreciation of your valuable services and contribution to the growth and success achieved by EKEDC over the years as a seconded staff from WPG.”

See letter below:

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