Enugu governor-elect inaugurates 64-member transition committee

Governor-elect of Enugu State, Peter Mbah, has established a 64-member transition committee in preparation for his swearing-in ceremony scheduled for May 29.

The committee will be chaired by Ike Chioke, the Group Managing Director of Afrinvest (West Africa).

Speaking during the committee’s inauguration, Mbah urged the members to develop an implementable action plan in line with his campaign manifesto, stating that his vision for Enugu is to return the state to its previous status as a leading contributor to Nigeria’s development.

“We talked about making Enugu state the preferred destination for investment, business, tourism, and living. We talked about unpacking the skills of the youths in digital technology so that the administration can equip a minimum of 40,000 youths in digital technology and a minimum of 10,000 youths in practical skills yearly,” Mbah said.

He added that his administration’s plan is ambitious, as he intends to increase the economy from $4.4 billion to $30 billion and achieve a zero percent poverty headcount index. He also expressed the need for private sector investment in the state’s growth.

“We also know that the growth level we are talking about cannot come from the public sector alone. This growth will happen through constructive investment and that will come largely from the private sector,” the Governor-elect said.

Mbah expressed confidence that the committee could create an actionable plan for the state’s growth.

“Of course, when we unveiled this plan, we had the naysayers and the critics. And it was not difficult to see why because if you do the trend analysis, you will of course be doubtful. So, we believe that you can craft a document that can give us that implementable action plan,” he said.

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