Family threatens man over refusal to allow son worship deity in Ibadan

One Mr. Adewole Oluwatosin Samson has officially file a report to Nigeria Police over threatended received from his family members for not allowing his only son, Adewole Irewole Jayden to worship a deity in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. 

The police report reads, “One Adewole Oluwatosin Samson ‘M’ of 1 Agbelekale Road, Meiran, Lagos state married to Adewole Abose Joy and blessed with one son name Adewole Irewole Jayden born August 23, 2021 came to report that his father Adewole Olubamiji Sunday of 1, Ogunleye Street, Aalabagba, Ibadan, Oyo State asked them to pay him visit with their son who was about to turn 1-year old.

“His father is a Christian and traditional worship believer but his grandfather is a pagan who worships the deity called “Esu Odara”, upon their arrival, they were welcomed by many strange faces and on the second night of their visit 4 women and 2 men all dressed in white came by the house to have a private discussion with his father and upon their departure, he was told by his father that they are priests/priestesses of the deity.

“The purpose of their visit was to inform him and his father that their baby Irewole who was about to turn 1-year has been chosen by the oracle to come and serve the deity and he must start his service once he turns 3-year old by before techniques, the implications of this is that his son would devote his life to the deity with no formal education and social life outside the village.

“He refused blatantly that how could his 3-year old son become a priest but his father said after the spiritual rites his son would have the spirit of the gods and would be able to function in the capacity, his father also stated to him that it is a taboo to disrespect the culture that it could lead to  instability and chaos in the land. .

“He told his father he can’t allow his baby to serve the deity as this is against his Christian faith//beliefs but his father insisted and made threats to him and his wife followed by some chiefs, elders and youths of the community. They promised to make life miserable for them no matter where they run to or hide if they don’t comply to the oracle’s wishes.

“This prompted him to report to the police station to formally lodge a complaint and seek protection for his family.”

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