Go get the Elephant, Eagles!

By Okolo Oteri

All over the country, hope hangs thickly in the air, nay cradled in hearts rising and falling to the beat of one drum. Neither tribe nor tongue restrain, nor creed, or class refrains.

From vibrant cities where futuristic skyscrapers rub shoulders with bustling markets and cosy neighbourhoods, blending tradition with modernity, offering a rich tapestry of culture and diversity, the atmosphere, heavy, singing with a caco-melody of sounds – chatter, laughter, honks, and street vendors’ and bus conductor tunes.

To the sleepy, almost homogenous rural settings where time moves ever so slowly to the gentle sway of the wind, connecting the souls of its inhabitants to the land that cradles their dreams. Where the cock still crows at dawn and Mud huts snuggle in lush greenery. Where the day comes alive with the sound of waking kids scarcely clothed, blending harmoniously with the songs of birds, the rustle of tall grass and the women’s melodic chores.

As the sun paints the sky over Nigeria in golden hues and the wind whispers tales of national pride, unity and heritage all over the landscape. Let support for the Eagles spread like wildfire, igniting our hearts like dried twigs in the harmattan. Our team (have earned it), a corporate masterpiece of fluid motion and elegance; a timeless anthem to the magic of the round leather game, an abiding ode to the inexplicable excitement and passion it elicits. A primal symphony of dedication and energy, striking terror and awe in its blistering embrace with the other. Who no fear the Eagles (ask Cameroon, Angola and the Bananas)?

We admire their hard work and spirit, we honour the three snazzy stripes: green, white, and green, which shouts our vibrant freshness, our confidence, maybe vawulence to all the children of Mother Africa, showcasing the larger-than-life swag of Nigeria’s colourful crew (just check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). When these colours team up, they scream out loud the beauty of the land, the epic brilliance and togetherness of its people for their nations cause.

Watch out the Eagle is coming!

Its majestic wings outstretched in the vast expanse of the sky; it will bridge the field with ease. As the wind caresses its feathers inflight, it will dance effortlessly through the clouds with grace and power, it will swoop down in regal majesty  to claim our crown, oops, the AFCON cup!

The Elephant cannot be its match.

Wishing the Super Eagles of Nigeria Victory Tomorrow, Amen!

Okolo, a medical is a Federal Civil Servant

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