How my ex-wife’s false accusation landed me in UK jail – Adeyinka Grandson

Recently released President and founder of the Young Yoruba for Freedom (YYF), Adeyinka Shoyemi popularly called Adeyinka Grandson has explained the events that led to his prosecution and eventual sentencing in a United Kingdom court, saying he was wrongly convicted on trumped-up terrorism charges.

Adeyinka Grandson who was sentenced to four and half years imprisonment by a United Kingdom court in March 2022 but has now been released said there is no truth in the claim by one Kayode Ogundamisi that he (Ogundamisi) reported him to the English Metropolitan Police Service in London.
In a series of posts on his official X handle, Grandson narrated the events that culminated in his trial and prosecution for terrorism.

The following are his posts:

“Kayode Ogundamisi, also known as Mr. Irodamisi, did not report me to the English Metropolitan Police Service in London as alleged. He made a false claim whilst I was held up in prison as a British Political Prisoner.

“On the contrary, in March 2019, I initiated legal proceedings against my ex-wife by taking her to the Special Educational Needs Tribunal and the Family Court.

“This action was prompted by my discovery that she had falsely registered our son as a disabled child and enrolled him in a school for disabled students, all without consulting me.

“Despite his only issue being a speech delay, she had claimed disability benefits on his behalf.

“Furthermore, I uncovered that she had used my children’s British passports to support her boyfriend’s application for a resident permit in the United Kingdom.

“This deceitful act directly impacted the renewal of my resident permit as the biological father of two Yoruba-British citizen children.

“In an attempt to halt my application for custody of our children and the necessary assessment by the Special Educational Needs Tribunal, which would determine our son’s education, health, and social care needs, my ex-wife resorted to drastic measures.

“Fearing the loss of custody and the disability benefits she received on our son, she falsely reported my political activism on social media as terrorism and racial hatred offences to the Welsh-speaking South Wales Police in Cardiff.

“Following an investigation, the South Wales Police found no evidence to support the allegations and took no further action on the matter.

“Dissatisfied with this outcome, my ex-wife escalated the matter by reporting the allegations to the English-speaking Metropolitan Police Service in London, despite not residing in London at the time of the alleged offences.

“The Metropolitan Police Service, lacking jurisdiction over the case, nonetheless pursued it due to my vocal and active opposition to the British Government’s complicity in the political situation in Nigeria.

“I am innocent of these offences, and when I was wrongly convicted, in collusion between the Judge, Prosecutor, and my Lawyers, the CPS did not produce in Court the Ibo and Fulani people who were the alleged victims of my political activism on social media, the victims’ impact statements or the disclosure of documents requested by the defence from the Metropolitan Police Service in London.

“I was not permitted by the Judge to use my witnesses or documents that I had available or to mention to the jury the motives of my ex-wife for reporting my political activism on social media to the Police as terrorism & racial hatred offences, over custody matter of our children.

“All these made my conviction unsafe, an assault on free speech, and a stain on the English Judiciary. For these reasons, I was a British Political Prisoner, and my conviction was malicious.

“My case is currently under review by the Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC), and we are preparing to go to the Court of Appeal.”

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