I don’t consider Desmond Elliot an actor, says Funsho Adeolu

By Tosin Brown

Nollywood actor Funsho Adeolu has taken a swipe at screen stars, who have gone into politics.

In a recent chat with Teju Babyface on his podcast, Adeolu said he doesn’t consider Elliot an actor.

“An actor cannot be a politician,” Adeolu began.

Teju Babyface jumped in to say, “I know an actor in Lagos, who is a politician, are you saying he’s not an actor?”

Adeolu responded in affirmative saying, “Well, I don’t consider him an actor.”

Adeolu further said he sees every actor that joins politics as being bad because an actor is supposed to be the good man or woman.

Desmond Elliot is a prominent Nigerian actor, who embraced politics over eight years ago and had remained in the Lagos State House of Assembly, where he represents a constituency in Surulere.

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