Information minister addresses economy, insecurity challenges

Minister of Information and National Orientation, Mohammed Idris, says the Federal Government is tackling the nation’s security and economic issues.

Idris stated in a statement he signed on Sunday that the government was not downplaying the difficulties that Nigerians are now facing.

He said that regardless of differences, the administration understood its obligations to all Nigerians.

He stated, “In the area of security, all threats are being boldly confronted. We are taking the fight to the criminals’ dens, with promising results. Within the last week, several bandits, kidnappers and militants have been neutralised or arrested. The resurgent crisis in Plateau is indeed highly regrettable, and we assure that all perpetrators of violence there, and everywhere else in the country are being brought to book.

“Justice will be done, and peace will be restored in all affected communities. We salute the gallantry of security and intelligence agencies who are leaving no stone unturned to ensure that we are safe in our homes and highways, and that criminals have no breathing space.

“Regarding the economy, all relevant ministries and agencies of the Federal Government are working in coordinated fashion, to bring down inflation, stabilise foreign exchange rates, and create a truly enabling environment for business and investment.’’

The minister stated that non-kinetic initiatives, like the Students’ Loan Scheme, the Presidential Initiative on CNG, and different low-interest business loan schemes, were being implemented to mitigate these issues.

“Even as we tackle our challenges with urgency and dedication, it is also necessary to remind all Nigerians of the need to resist all forces and narratives of misinformation and division. For example, it is not true that the relocation to Lagos of the Headquarters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria and of certain departments of the Central Bank of Nigeria are political moves aimed at marginalising a section of the country.

“These allegations are unfounded; instead, these are pragmatic administrative steps to improve operational efficiency and reduce operating costs. I would like to urge all Nigerians to be especially mindful of all persons and groups at home and abroad, who specialise in making false and inciting claims on radio, TV and social media, as well as in peddling altered videos and images for viral dissemination. It is for this reason that we have produced the Nigerian National Values Charter, a documentation of the social contract between government and the citizens, as one of the ways to restore a national sense of hope, trust and solidarity,” Mr Idris said.

The minister went on to say that the fight against corruption would continue to be fierce as part of this emphasis on gaining the trust of Nigerians.

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