Kano governor denies any deal with presidency over supreme court verdict

The Kano State governor, Abba Yusuf, has denied signing any deal with the presidency to sway the verdict of the supreme court.

The supreme court overturned the ruling of the appeal court that removed Yusuf as the governor of Kano on January 12.

Sanusi Bature, the spokesperson for the Kano governor, said on Monday that the verdict was based on “equity and fairness”.

He said in a statement: “There is a false impression circulating on social media that suggests an agreement between the presidency and governor Abba Kabir Yusuf following the supreme court verdict that confirmed his excellency’s mandate.”

“I want to state clearly that Governor Yusuf did not make any agreement or compromise with anyone before the supreme court verdict. I therefore appeal to the public to ignore the lie being spread by enemies of progress.

‘It is a fact that my lord, the justices of the supreme court gave a landmark verdict with justice, equity and fairness and largely uphold the integrity of the judiciary. “

The governor also thanked President Bola Tinubu for ensuring a fair and level playing field for justice to prevail by not interfering with the judicial process.

“The president is a genuine democrat who will not sabotage other political parties for the sake of his party,” he said.

“I want to affirm and stress that Governor Yusuf had no prior agreement with the president.

“Rather, the president should be commended for preserving neutrality, peace, and stability in Kano.

“Without a doubt, the president’s refusal to do the bidding of some influential members of his party has created a lasting atmosphere in Kano.

“Because of this single act, the good people of Kano will always appreciate Mr. President and pray for his success in his administration.”

“The governor had many chances to meet the president in all of his visits, and the talks focused on the development of Kano state.”

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