Kenya’s President William Ruto champions Africa’s role in global decarbonization at ACS

Kenya’s President, William Ruto, has emphasised Africa’s pivotal role in global decarbonization efforts.

Ruto was speaking during the opening plenary of the Africa Climate Summit (ACS) at the Kenyatta International Convention Center (KICC) in Nairobi.

Ruto expressed confidence in Africa’s potential to become a renewable energy leader and a formidable contender in the international market.

He underscored the continent’s wealth of metals and minerals, positioning it as a compelling global hub in the green industrial supply chain.

“Africa holds the key to accelerating decarbonisation of the global economy,” he said.

“We are not just a  continent rich in resources; we are a power house of untapped potential, eager to engage and fairly compete in the global markets.

“The green transformation of both production and consumption is not optional.  The global demand for such solutions is already gaining momentum.

“Our strategic proximity to substantial reserves of metals and minerals necessary for the global energy transition, makes Africa an attractive candidate to become a global hub in the green industrial supply chain, from refining metals and minerals to constructing and assembling electric vehicle batteries and other components.”

He said renewable energy can help Africa take care of its energy needs and could become a catalyst for socio-economic prosperity on the continent.

“Our renewable energy resources are not just an environmental necessity; they’re the ultimate catalyst of radical socio-economic prosperity,” he said.

“They can fuel sustainable development, drive economic growth, create jobs, and uplift millions from energy poverty—all while reducing our carbon.

“Africa can power all our energy needs with renewable energy resources. We can be a green industrial hub that can help other regions attain net zero targets.”

He called on leaders, civil society organisations, private sector and delegates attending the conference to contribute to Africa’s effort at catalysing climate action “in a spirit of candour, collaboration, and courage”.

“Let us imagine a pathway for different financial structures that can deliver on Africa’s goals,” he said.

“Let us commit to invest in viable solutions presented by renewable energy, green industrialisation, climate smart agriculture and nature conservation.”

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