Lagos cleric takes ‘fuel palliative’ distribution to VGC

A Lagos cleric and General Overseer of Jehovah Eye Salvation Ministry, Prophet Godwin Ikuru, has extended his ‘fuel palliative ‘ initiative to the people of Victoria Garden City (VGC) in Victoria Island area of Lagos state.

Ikuru, who was joined by some of his Church members on Friday, distributed fuel worth N1million to some motorists in VGC as a way of ameliorating the pains of the fuel removal by the federal government.

WesternPost reports that the Cleric distributed free fuel to motorists in Surulere area two days.

Speaking with journalists, the prophet explained that the gesture would enable the beneficiaries to divert monies that initially be spent of fuelling their vechicles to other welfare activities, adding that the palliative was to reduce pains inherited from the removal of fuel subsidy.

” You can see that the beneficiaries are happy and praying for me, the federal and state government on this palliative. We are going to continue this initiative and it will be across the state and country.

” I want to thank the federal and state government for the policy. We can’t continue to pay subsidy anymore in this country. I will urge other philanthropists to emulate this idea and support government effort in reducing the effect of the policy”, said Ikuru.

Meanwhile, a female beneficiary, Aliero Buwa, said that he was doubting the initiative when she was told by the filling station attendants, saying that it woul make her to save more money for other needs.

Buwa, who got 10litres of free fuel, said that she would use the saved money for the upkeep of her mother.

” I initially doubt this fuel palliative thing because I don’t so much believe in it when the petrol attendants told me when driving in. When I got it, it was like a dream. I will use the money i suppose to use to buy fuel for my mother’s upkeep. I will add the money to the money I am to send to my mother. I thank the Prophet for this gesture and initiative. More roch Nigerinas should come to our aid in this aspect”, said Buwa.

A motorcyclist, Dominic Arume, said that he always find it hard to buy fuel at the rate filling stations seel it, adding that the gesture would enable him to have enough fuel for his transport business.
Arume said he would have more money to save for the day, urging government to reduce the cost of purchasing fuel in the country.

” I am happy I got this fuel. I was giving free fuel of 10litres. I don’t expect it at all. I saw people queuing and I said to myself, what are they queuing for, not knowing a man of God is distributing free fuel. This is the first time I am seeing a private citizen distributing free fuel to people. In this harsh period? This is strange “, said Arume.

The distribution of free fuel which commenced around 2pm ended by 6pm with more than 100 vechicles ranging from commercial and private got free fuel of 10 litres.

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