Land agent’s death sparks controversy at Kwara correctional facility

… As accusation of neglect stirs…

By Mosunmola Ayobami, Ilorin

Controversy has erupted following the demise of a 63-year-old land agent, Alhaji Taye Hussein Abubakar, who was reportedly detained at the Oke Kura Correctional Facility in Ilorin, for over four months.

Abubakar, known for his role in representing landowners in property transactions, passed away on Friday, raising questions about his treatment while in custody.

According to a relative of the deceased who spoke with journalists, Abubakar was embroiled in legal disputes stemming from land deals, which led to his detention despite being released on bail.

Allegations of neglect were also leveled against the judiciary and prison authorities, with claims that Abubakar was not brought to court for months despite his ailing health.

“He was involved in land deals that resulted in court matters. Court released him on bail. But he could not appear in court on the day when he was to attend court because he was sick. So, he was picked up and detained since then, about four or five months ago. And he was not brought to court since then but abandoned.

“At least, he should have been given second chance. How could he have got money to repay those he was involved in the land deals if kept in prison? The judge was approached and begged to release him on bail with some sureties to stand for him but all to no avail.

“So, on Friday, we learnt he was rushed to hospital. Some said he died on the way to hospital while some others said that he died while receiving treatment. His health condition was not fine before his death and the judge knew about it,” lamented the relative.

The Correctional Facility’s spokesperson, Phillip Adegbulugbe, confirmed Abubakar’s death, attributing it to illness related to kidney problems.

He further clarified that Abubakar passed away at the General Hospital in Ilorin, not within the confines of the correctional facility.

“He was taken to General hospital, Ilorin where he died. I saw his hospital file stating the illness. He was taken to hospital on Thursday evening and reportedly died at about 8:00 am today, Friday”, said Adegbulugbe.

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