LGA: Cornerstone of our national security architecture, says Tinubu

President Bola Tinubu, has emphasized the crucial role of local government systems in Nigeria’s national security architecture. He stressed the need for urgent legislation to safeguard and enhance the autonomy and effectiveness of local government administration to address critical national challenges.

Represented by the Minister of Defence, H.E. Muhammed Badaru Abubakar, Tinubu made this declaration while presenting a keynote address at a National Discussion on Nigeria’s Security Challenge and Good Governance at the Local Government Level.

The event was organized by the House of Representatives and held in Abuja.

The President highlighted the strategic position of local governments in promoting human security by delivering essential services like healthcare, education, sanitation, and social welfare programs directly to communities. He noted that empowered local governments can ensure communities are safe, prosperous, and resilient.

Expressing concern over the decline of the local government system, Tinubu acknowledged its degradation and incapacitation have contributed significantly to developmental setbacks and the nation’s inability to effectively address prevailing national security threats.

He emphasized his administration’s commitment to strengthening local government systems to address social and economic challenges. Empowering local authorities with necessary resources and capacities to implement sustainable development initiatives can create sustainable opportunities and ensure a stable nation.

Tinubu commended the House of Representatives and its partners, the UK International Development and PERL, for organizing this important national dialogue. He hoped that the event would yield plausible measures to rejuvenate the local government system in Nigeria.

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