Maintain speed limits – LASTMA tells motorists, as 3rd Mainland Bridge sets to re-open

By Innocent Raphael

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA) has cautioned drivers to adhere to speed limits on the recently renovated Third Mainland Bridge, which connects the mainland to other parts of the state.

General Manager of LASTMA, Olalekan Bakare Oki, issued this warning on Wednesday, during a briefing with officers responsible for patrolling the bridge.

Bakare Oki emphasized that while the newly repaired bridge offers a smooth driving experience, motorists must resist the temptation to exceed speed limits, which could lead to accidents.

He also highlighted the installation of modern facilities to aid navigation and urged drivers to obey traffic signs and electronic devices.

While advising motorists to plan their journeys to avoid speeding and ensure vehicle readiness, the LASTMA boss pledged increased patrols and recovery services for safety and swift intervention.

He however enjoined vehicle owners and drivers to be wary of obstructing traffic flow with poorly maintained vehicles.

The Federal Government is scheduled to reopen the Third Mainland Bridge for traffic on April 4, 2024.

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