Mitiget begins 2023 cybersecurity awareness campaign in Schools

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Mitiget, an enterprise information security firm, has commenced the 2023 cybersecurity awareness campaign with a Summit at the main hall of Methodist Girls High School (MGHS) Yaba in Lagos .


The event was well attended by the students, teachers, school management, board of governors and Parents Teacher Association (PTA) representatives.

This was one of series of others planned this year, as its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to strengthening child online protection in Nigeria, as the country deepens its embrace of the digital culture since ICT has become a critical learning tool.

Since more devices are connected storing sensitive personal, family, and school information, it is essential to enlighten the youngster early on the cyber risks.

While there is no foolproof to preventing a cyber-attack, awareness of the threats will help protect life and property as well as the future generation.

The summit was designed to help equip the students and teachers with the knowledge and tools necessary for protecting themselves and their digital information.

During the summit at MGHS, apart from the cybersecurity awareness session, the ICT Governance framework developed by Mitiget for the school was approved by the management including the charter setting up the school’s ICT Steering Committee (MISC) with members drawn from students, teachers, and administrative staff.

Members were charged to also double as the cybersecurity ambassadors and champions for the school and society at large.

Their responsibilities are to ensure ICT policies and guidelines are adhered to by everyone in the school including creating awareness in classes, support ICT projects of the school, recommend ICT initiative that support their learning effectively, and continually be involved in creating cybersecurity awareness.

The principal of the school, Mrs. Oluyemisi Oluseyi Padonu, applauded the intervention of Mitiget with the summit which enriched everyone present on the proper use of the Internet and fundamental practices that protect one from cybercriminals.

Addressing the students and other participants at the event, Mrs. Padonu, commended Mitiget leadership for the cybersecurity awareness initiative, stated that as the Ministry of Education at all levels encourages leveraging ICT for effective learning, this summit is timely for students and teachers be aware of the cyber risks and imbibe best practices to mitigating them.

Earlier, during the cybersecurity awareness segment, the CEO of Mitiget, Mr. Sunny Ukeachu, announced that the Mitiget-sponsored cybersecurity summit has a specific interest in ICT resources and online protection of the youth especially the children both in public and private schools.

“It is obvious that the Internet is now crucial in everyday life, and for students for learning. Students use different apps and technologies to leverage opportunities for research, learning, communication, entertainment, and business, I must say. Every child needs to know the antics of cybercriminals and smartly be safe while helping others to be aware also.” Mr. Ukeachu said.

At the inauguration of MISC, during the summit, Very Revd’ Olugbenga Bamitali, represented by the proprietor of the school, Most Revd’ Dr. Obafemi Adeleyecharged the committee members and those in attendance to seize the moment to be change agents.

He said that even though the Internet provides countless opportunities for children, it also exposes them to potentially harmful content. Dr. Adeleye also confirmed that the Mitiget’s summit and the follow up programs to sensitize secondary school students across the country on cyber-related crimes, such as cyberbullying, Internet fraud, identify theft, online soliciting of minors will go a long way to educate many youngsters and help tame the “yahoo-yahoo” syndrome.

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