MOSOP condemns voters suppression in Rivers State, berates INEC

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The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni people (MOSOP) has condemned the reported connivance of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) officials with politicians  to subvert the free and lawful will of voters expressed through the ballot box in the February 25 polls in the state. 

The report indicated that Ogoni was worse hit as the undemocratic conduct and approach disenfranchised the electorate. MOSOP warned of consequences if the manipulated results are not reversed.

Speaking in Bori on Wednesday, the President of MOSOP, Prince Biira said: “This undemocratic behaviour of INEC officials and politicians, which has become a recurring decimal, and which has assumed notoriety is unacceptable. It is appalling that 24 years of our presidential democracy, 24 years of repeated condemnations of immoral electoral conduct, the electoral umpire has refused to reform because of pecuniary gains. And instead still get involved in ignoble electoral malpractices that had seen to the abortion of the right of citizens to freely and legally elect leaders of their choice. 

“It is an undisputable fact, that the current democratic dispensation was secured with the blood of Nigerians in the liberation struggle against military rule. Ogoni lost over 2000 natives including a generation of her leadership. Thus, we will resist all negative efforts to truncate this best means of civil governance. Hence we urge the national leadership of INEC to wade into the matter immediately.

“We would reiterate that 2023 is critical to repositioning Rivers State for the common good of us all. Similarly, 2023 is important for the political liberation of Ogoni. We are therefore calling on all sons and daughters of Ogoni not to be deterred by the criminal developments of last Saturday. We are aware that effective efforts are being made to effect redress. Hence we appeal to all Ogonis to turn out emasse for the March 11 Governorship and House of Assembly polls. And resist all attempts to disenfranchise them as well as ensure faultless defence of their votes from the units to the LGA Collation Centres.

“We would warn saboteurs against sabotaging the popular political resolve.”

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