NASENI’s technology hub will accelerate products of local engineers, scientists, says Halilu

The Executive Vice Chairman, the National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI), Mr. Khalil Halilu has said the Federal Government technology hub is targeted at accelerating products manufactured by local engineers and scientists to business communities.

Halilu, who spoke on Channels TV recently, said the product manufactured by the local engineers and scientists stand the chance to be accelerated and commercialised, stressing that it is an opportunity to showcase local professionals in engineering and science fields.

He acknowledged the room for improvement, stating that NASENI is working towards achieving significant improvement under President Bola Tinubu’s led-administration.

He said, “We work directly with the presidency and we help the President to accelerate some of his key projects where he has specific interest with little bureaucracy.

“Every country that has gone far in terms of science and technology have counterpart agency that is similar to NASENI, specifically around Asia.”

He noted that when the agency is on foreign trip with the presidency, three things are considered.

“We speak about existing relationship with players in Nigeria. For example, we had meeting KLM management and get their feedbacks in terms of their experience, and how to further accelerate their businesses.

“Secondly, we need to talk about strategic realignments. We have a new administration in Nigeria and over there, they may have challenges. How do we align the two strategies together for us to achieve a better goal?

“Thirdly, we seek more companies and the ones on ground to do more activities.

He noted that part of what the Federal government stands to gain from Netherland trip was to attract more investment into the country, which in return create jobs, and also reduce import bill.

“Specifically, what NASENI is doing on this trip is to help in technology transfer. We have a lot engineers and scientists as you are aware. Whenever new product comes into Nigeria, one of our challenges is how to get the product market fit.”

He explained that local engineers and scientists need to take centre stage with products development, noting that technology hub is part of what the agency is working on.

He noted that NASENI is government agency meant to intervene in all areas of science and technology.

“There are different activities happening in the world as regards climate change, technology transfer and this is where you need player like NASENI,” he said.

Halilu said the agency has improved working condition of staff and create opportunniities for women within the agency .

“We have been sending a lot of engineers and scientists internally to travel outside the country and learn new skills and come back to the agency.  Just last week, we sent about 50 to Indonesia  to learn about some specific machines used for producing fertiliser,” he stated. 

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