Nigeria boost non-oil exports to China with new trade house

Nigeria has launched the Nigerian Export Trade House in China, a facility aimed at boosting the country’s range of non-oil exports to the Asian country.

The facility, located in Changsha, Hunan Province, was unveiled by Nigerian agro-processing company Zeenab Foods Limited in collaboration with the Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC).

The launch of the facility is part of NEPC’s Export Expansion Facility Programme (EEFP), which aims to establish similar facilities across the world to promote non-oil exports.

“The Nigerian Export Trade House in China will help to increase foreign trade dealings and earnings between both countries and provide better trade balance,” said Victor Ayemere, the Managing Director of Zeenab Foods.

“This initiative from our government coupled with the acceptance and support from the Chinese government registers among the long list of positive developments in the bilateral relations between both countries. We are also grateful for the support from the Chinese Government and their commitment to promoting trade and investment between our two countries.”

The Nigerian Export Trade House in China is expected to increase the visibility of Nigerian non-oil products and foreign exchange earnings. The facility’s promoters aim to expand the product list from Nigeria to China, including cassia tora seeds, soya beans, peanuts, shea butter, chilli pepper, and coconut.

The facility will help to provide verified off-takers for various products, eliminate trust issues between buyers and sellers, and provide other services across the export process and value chain.

“This event marks a significant milestone in the history of trade.

“The opportunities presented by this development include increased visibility and accessibility of made in Nigeria goods comprising agro-commodities and value-added finished products here in China,” Ayemere added.

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council hopes that the facility will be the first of many to be established in various regions of the world to consolidate Nigeria’s non-oil exports.

With the facility’s launch, Nigeria is expected to increase its trade dealings and earnings with China while promoting its locally produced goods, especially agro-commodities and value-added finished products.

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