Nigerian army uncovers 5 illegal oil bunkering operations in Rivers

By Innocent Raphael

The 6 Division of the Nigerian Army has uncovered five reservoirs, each containing 45,000 liters of crude oil, in the Odagwa Etche community of Etche Local Government Area, Rivers State.

This discovery, part of ongoing anti-oil bunkering operations since February, highlights the scale of illegal oil activities in the region.

The General Officer Commanding the 6 Division, Major General Jamal Abdusalam, represented by the Commander of the 29 Battalion, Lt. Col. Ishaya Manga, briefed journalists on the site.

He revealed that many residents possess crude oil boiling pots in their homes, indicating widespread involvement in illegal refining activities.

Abdusalam detailed the operation’s progress, emphasizing the military’s commitment to eradicating illegal refineries.

“The discovery is part of a series of operations directed and organized by the division to eliminate illegal oil bunkering and other forms of criminality. Our troops have been tasked with locating and destroying these refineries,” he stated.

Highlighting the economic and environmental damage caused by these activities, Abdusalam reiterated the army’s dedication to continuing these operations until all illegal refineries are dismantled.

He further noted that the illegal refineries pose significant threats to both socio-economic stability and public health.

The operation uncovered reservoirs with hoses illegally connected to oil wells, further demonstrating the sophistication of the bunkering operations.

The army also revealed aside the five filled reservoirs, several other empty ones and numerous crude oil cooking pots were found throughout the community.

Commending local residents who aided the army with intelligence, Abdusalam assured that the army will continue to update the public on further discoveries.

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