North-Central Senators-elect reject zoning arrangement for NASS leadership positions

Senators-elect from the North-Central zone have rejected the proposed zoning arrangement for the leadership positions of the 10th National Assembly.

The caucus, comprising of 18 Senators-elect from different political parties, rejected the proposal in a letter titled; “Resolution of the North Central Caucus of the 10th Senate on NASS Leadership Zoning”, which was made public on Wednesday.

According to the letter, the proposed zoning arrangement is an open denial of the rights and privileges of the North Central zone.

The caucus stated that they are fully committed to supporting the incoming administration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, but fairness, equity, and justice must be ensured.

“We the North Central Senators-elect caucus met on Monday the 8th May 2023 and resolved as follows:

“That the North Central as a geopolitical zone in Nigeria has paid its dues in the political stability of the country and shall continue to do so, but where we see open denial of our rights and privileges, we will have no option than to voice out in the interest of the zone and its people we represent.

“It is pertinent to know that we are fully committed to supporting the incoming administration of the President-elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu for a better Nigeria. And this can only happen if fairness, equity and justice are ensured. And it is on record that the North Central gave the APC 41% of her votes to victory, hence we equally deserve as others.

“Our caucus reviewed the proposed zoning structure released, and we are not pleased and comfortable with the allocation of the positions of the Deputy Senate President and the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the 10th National Assembly to a particular geopolitical zone of the country (Northwest), we hereby reject it.

“The convention has always been that the six (6) geopolitical zones of the country will have one each of the six (6) positions. Now that the South West and North East have produced the President-elect and Vice President-elect respectively, it is only fair and natural that the positions of the Senate President, Deputy Senate President, Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives should be shared amongst the other four (4) geopolitical zones i, e the North Central, South South, South East and North West.

“Sequel to the above, we as a caucus is calling on the All Progressives Congress (APC) to immediately retract its earlier decision which schemes us out of the power sharing formula of the country and cede the position of the Deputy Senate President to the North Central Zone so as to ensure fairness, equity and justice for a smooth 10th Senate,” the letter said.

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