Omoni Oboli’s first son proposes to girlfriend in Canada

Omoni Oboli’s first son, Tobe Oboli has proposed marriage to Marelle, his girlfriend in Canada.

Omoni Oboli announced the engagement on her Instagram page after Tobe proposed marriage to Marelle on a cold winter night at the age of 22.

The actress described Marelle as someone deeply in love with the new family and expressed gratitude to God for being too good to her family.

She wrote: “My heart has been bursting with joy, and I can’t keep it to myself. It was a cold winter night when our son Tobe asked the love of his life, Marelle, to marry him. We are so thankful for the gift of this perfect and gorgeous daughter.

“Thank you, Tobe, for choosing a wife that shares our family’s values. We absolutely love our new family, and God has been too good to us.

“Marelle wanted a simple diamond ring with three stones and trusted boz diamonds to deliver exactly what she requested. Online aunties and uncles, we have a wedding to plan.”

Tobe’s mum and popular actress cum film producer, Omoni married Nnamdi Oboli, her husband, in 2000 at the age of 22. Tobe, their eldest son, was born in 2001 and has two other brothers Gozi and Chizi Oboli.

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