Oscars 2024: 3 awkward moments at the awards ceremony

By Tosin Brown

The 2024 Oscars and 96th Academy Awards brought not only three hours of glamour, tears, and full-frontal nudity but three awkward moments.

Here are three of the best moments from the biggest night in Hollywood.

John Cena’s nude show

The 2024 Oscars award for costume design won’t be easily forgotten, thanks to the presentation by John Cena.

Cena, who was prompted by the awards ceremony host, Kimmel, appeared on stage entirely naked, save for a pair of Birkenstocks and a strategically placed envelope carrying the name of the winner.

The actor cum wrestler shuffled on stage to the sound of roaring laughter, before a quick exchange with Kimmel – one of the better sketches of the evening.

“The male body is not supposed to be funny,” Cena said.

“Mine is,” Kimmel replied.

Messi, the dog, appeared too

Messi, the black-and-white border collie, who plays Snoop the dog in the French courtroom drama, Anatomy of a Fall, was also present at the awards ceremony.

The drama was nominated for the best picture and had one of the stars in the film, Messi, the dog, attending the 96th Oscars.

Messi’s appearance at the awards ceremony became a major stare following days of speculation over whether he would show.

The dog was seated in a plush red seat with a black bow-tie around his neck.

Messi even got some screen time later in the evening. The camera panned to him to show his paws up in applause for Robert Downey Jr’s best supporting actor win.

Stars campaign for ceasefire in Israel-Gaza war

The 96th Oscars didn’t go without the reminder and presence of individuals clamouring for a ceasefire in the Israel-Gaza war.

Several big-name stars including Billie Eilish, Mark Ruffalo and Ramy Youssef sport red pins in support of a ceasefire (Artists4Ceasefire) between Israel and Hamas.

The pins were from Artists4Ceasefire, a group of stars and others who work in the entertainment industry who signed an open letter urging President Biden to call for a ceasefire.

Israeli-American founder of Marvel Entertainment, Avi Arad, wore a yellow ribbon, to raise awareness of the hostages who are still being held by Hamas since the 7 October attack on Israel.

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