Otti dismisses sack by court, says inauguration on course

Abia State Governor-elect, Dr. Alex Otti, has urged Abians not to panic over his purported sack by a Federal High Court in Kano, saying there is no cause for alarm over the kangaroo judgment.

Otti, who spoke with Vanguard in Aba, said arrangements for his swearing-in on May 29 were on full gear as planned, declaring that the antics of the enemies of democracy cannot truncate the will of Abians.

Otti’s Media Aide, Ferdinand Ekeoma, speaking on behalf of the Governor-elect, dismissed the judgment as “a complete waste of time.”

He added: “The Kano court judgment does not hold water and stands on nothing. It has no basis, and nobody should bother about it. If they had a case why didn’t they file it in Abia? Even the one they filed in Kano, they intentionally did not want to join us. The judge knows that, and did not pass any verdict on us because Otti was not joined.”

The Governor-elect explained that similar cases had already been filed against two Labour Party House of Representatives candidates in Abia but were all dismissed, even by the Supreme Court.

Otti emphasized that the qualifications for running for governor or president were clearly stated in the Nigerian Constitution and non-submission of a party register to INEC could not override the constitution of the country.

“The court had ruled on similar suit before the election and dismissed it. Similar suit was filled against two of our Representative candidates – Obi Aguocha, and Ginger Onwusibe which was abjudicated up to the Supreme Court.

“It’s just a waste of time. PDP had also brought such matter against Peter Obi and the court ruled that it had no locus in it.

“The qualifications for one to stand election for governor or president have already been clearly stated in the Constitution of Nigeria. Non submission of party register to INEC cannot override the constitution of the country.

“So, those behind this suit know that similar matter had been abjudicated upon before. That’s why they didn’t come back to file it in Abia.

“They intentionally didn’t want to join us thinking they could get a black market judgement.  But the Judge knew the consequences, and that is why he dodged it.

“They can look for another court to join us, and it’s only when they serve us that we can prove to them that similar suit had been dismissed before,” he said.

Otti who said that the ruling could not stand, urged Abians not to lose sleep over it as he is busy with activities lined up for his Inauguration.

“There is no cause for alarm. My inauguration on May 29 is going on as scheduled. Abians should not bother,” he added.

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