Pathologist reveals result of Mohbad’s autopsy

Ilerioluwa Aloba, better known by his stage name Mohbad, had a toxicology test, which indicated that the singer’s cause of death was unknown.

Wahab Shittu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, disclosed this to the media on Wednesday following the Coroner’s inquest.

The singer’s body had already begun to decay when the test was conducted, the pathologist had stated in his court filing, the lawyer disclosed.

He said: “According to him, the cause of death cannot be determined.

“He gave a lot of reasons. He said by the time they conducted the test, the body had decomposed and that they couldn’t determine the cause of death. So the summary he is saying is that the cause of death cannot be ascertained and when you say the cause of death cannot be ascertained, it means it is suspicious, it is not clear, no particular reason.”

According to Shittu, the pathologist also suggested that the medication he had received just before his death may have caused his death.

“He also went further to say that it may be attributed to his reaction to certain drugs administered to him before he died. Again he then qualified that to say he does not know whether it is those drugs that led to his death,” he added.

Recall that on March 20, Richard Somiari, the Director of the Lagos State DNA and Forensic Center, stated that the toxicological report for Mohbad will be available in the following three to four weeks.

“We expected to get the first set of autopsy results in three to four weeks and re-confirm to authenticate the cause of death,” Somiari testified during a coroner’s inquiry investigating the singer’s death.

“We searched for multiple possibilities, to check if poison was involved in the death of Mohbad since no actual cause was mentioned,” he said.

He guaranteed proper security and sample monitoring for the autopsy.

“We have a place where items are stored for safety and security of results. There is a procedure for monitoring samples moved abroad,” he said.

Mohbad passed away on September 12, 2023, at the age of 27, and the circumstances surrounding his passing sparked debates on social media.

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