Politicians interference, diminishes nobility of traditional institutions in Nigeria, says Elebuibon

By Deborah Oladejo, Osogbo

A prominent Ifa priest from Osogbo, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, has expressed displeasure over a perceived interference of Nigerian politicians into traditional institutions in the country.

Elebuibon who decried the dethronement and reappointment of Emirs in Kano, described the removal of monarchs from the throne, as an affront to the sanctity and dignity of traditional institutions.

Addressing journalists in Osogbo on Thursday, the respected Ifa priest, noted that the traditional institutions in the country have been undermined by the actions of the politicians. 

Elebuibon while stressing the importance of preserving the nobility and honor of this institution, called for a return to the sanctity and honor of the traditional institutions.

His words: “The appointment of the monarchs should not be the responsibility of any politicians be it Governors or Local Government Chairman.

 “Nowadays, politicians disrespected the monarch’s throne and that is why our traditional rulers don’t have options but to look for a favour from political stakeholders in order not to be remove from the throne.

“When we look at the British that we believed we got the civilization from them they don’t joke with their traditional institutions.

“The same British that colonized us also colonized India  but the Indians do not  accept British religion and culture to override their traditional institution but the case in Nigeria goes contrary.

“British honor their Queen with high esteem. Monarch and politics are two separate departments, they don’t play with their culture and this is how our politicians should treat our monarchs in Nigeria.”

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