Public engagement: Lagos launches upgraded citizengate 2.0 apps for feedback mechanism

Lagos State government on Thursday officially flagged-off the upgraded Lagos CitizensGate platform aimed at creating feedback mechanism, as well as ensuring ease of doing business among others between citizens and the government.

Special Adviser, Office of Civic Engagement, Dr. Aderemi Adebowale, accompanied by Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Gbenga Omotoso, disclosed this at inter-ministerial launch of the application, held at Alausa, Ikeja.

According to Adebowale, the CitizensGate 2.0 Platform is an application that interface with the citizens of Lagos State and expected to take governance to the doorstep of residents irrespective of their social class for all-inclusive governance, while bringing governance closer to the governed.

“It features an omnichannel solution that listens to citizens’ feedback such as complaints, enquires suggestions and compliments.

“Some of those channels are its Website, Mobile app, WhatsApp and social media platforms, 767 toll-free line, which is our non-emergency number.

“The upgraded Lagos Citizens Gate 2.0 platform is tailored to offer Social benefits as Feedback Mechanism, Population Profiling, Captures Accurate Public Opinion, Tracking and Enforcing of Government Performances, Security/Community Policing, Lagos State Resident Registration Angency, LASRRA, registration and verification, Access to day-to -day activities across Ministries, Department s and Agencies, MDAs.

“In order to have an all-inclusive government in the state while we make conscious effort to establish, deepen and sustain its mode of engagement and communication with various stakeholders while providing a feedback mechanism on the activities and policies of the government, hence, the need for a more interactive Lagos State Citizens Gate 2.0 App irrespective of the kind of phone you use.

“The Citizens Gate platform will enable citizens to navigate all existing MDAs website and build a road map for a greater citizen’s engagement as a ONE STOP-SHOP for everything about Lagos State, addressing several issues, enquires, complaints, suggestions, commendations and giving the citizens and visitors Real Time direct access to Lagos State Government and its activities through both smart phone and non-smart phone users on a 24/7 toll free non-emergency number to put a call across to the Citizens Gate Customer Service Centre for enquiries or complaints at the command and control centre.

“We expect that the ONE STOP–SHOP aspect of the Citizens Gate will allow end users to sit comfortably at home or on their handheld mobile device, navigate and connect with all MDAs at a go without any difficulties.

“This platform has three segments namely; (i) Citizens Gate Main, (ii) Citizens Gate Young and (iii) Citizens Gate Tertiary. However, we are focusing on the Citizens Gate Main.

“The platform will be made available free to citizen, tourists, friends of Lagos including people in diaspora and everyone via Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Social Media Platforms and more.

“Studies have shown that Lagos State has a population of over 13,620,662 smart phone users with about 92% accessing the internet via a mobile device which provide the needed traffic for the Citizens Gate Application 2.0.

“It is expected to deliver economic and social benefits to the entire citizens of Lagos State and investors as a drive towards the Smart City Status,” Adebowale said.

She noted that the application is meant to strengthen the interaction between the citizens, the government and all its various MDAs as it intended to help create a seamless, citizen-centric experience which meets the needs and yearnings of the people.

“The Office of Civic Engagement is not alone in this drive but in collaboration with other MDAs which include, the Ministry of Science and Technology our technical partner, Office of Transformation, Creativity and Innovation (OTCI) to focus on service delivery and Office of Special Duties, to assist in non-emergency call 767 at the control and command centre for effective delivery of the upgraded App and the customer service.

“The implementation of the Citizens Gate 2.0 Platform across all Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Lagos State is a crucial step towards promoting transparency, accountability and citizen engagement in government. It is expected that overtime, active and on-going usage of citizens gate will make it easier for citizens to participate in dialogue and decision making processes alongside the state and local governments.

“Permit me to reiterate that the 3 pillars of Citizens Gate application are: Citizen’s participation, Open Communication and Transparency.”

“This platform is yours , own it for a better service delivery,” she added.

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