Reuben Abati, PDP and his hypocrisy, By Chimaroke Nnamani

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Reuben Adeleye Abati is a Nigerian Journalist, Politician, Television Anchor and Newspaper Columnist. He was the Peoples Democratic Party’s Deputy Governorship candidate in Ogun State for the 2019 Gubernatorial election. And Politics is his serious business.

We are family. We have Abati in it. He is as principled a politician as all of us. I mean his colleague politicians. As a politician, he has shared the full Kerfuffle. Appointment transiency, failed political election escapades and the anti- corruption “resort” sojourn.

His vision of non anti-party is for Northern Nigeria to rule for 16 continuous years in a 251 multi ethnic African Republic. A multiparty American style Presidential democracy. Abati ignorantly believes all democrats voted for Clinton and all Republicans Trump.
And Trump still won! All non compliant should be charged for anti-party, are non principled and immoral. Ignorantly believing a West Virginian democrat will vote for a Democratic Presidential nominee that is anti Coal industry. Abati still in his ignorance believes a Republican pro lifer who will not vote for a Republican Presidential candidate who is pro abortion! should be charged for anti-party, lacks principles and be termed immoral.

Dr Abati in all his glorious academia enshrouded in a halo of unbridled PDP evangelism tinged with constitutional amnesia forgets political choice is an inalienable right. However, campaigning and supporting candidates for House of Assembly 1, House of Representatives 2, Senate Chambers 3, Enugu Lion Building 4, Abati 4/5? No be pass mark?

Abati’s party and principle supports power domiciling in a region and tribe for 16 years. Abati’s party and principle rewards perennial and acculturated anti-party practices coupled with political nomadism and itinerancy with Presidential nomination.
His morality is Yoruba supporting Igbo insularity. Directly or inferentially, I will be accused of Tribalism. I plead guilty and own it. Igbo need to get to the centre this time. And get there urgently. Abati’s fate is a win win situation.

Win win in Nigerian ethnic power trajectory as a Yoruba. His Kin’s party will win this election. It is also for him win win as a serious politician masquerading as a journalist. His hustle comes with full guarantee. He is playing all wings on all sides in different leagues.

Seriously I cry for my people, the Igbo Ethnic Nationality of Africa. Her herd mentality, political illogical “Kparakpoism” and romanticism is ethnically suicidal. A people that controlled Eastern Nigeria with all her natural resources vis Oil and Gas with 50 percent allocations to source. Institutional dominance of Central Nigeria fought a war of blame. And lost all.
Reuben Abati (Ph.D) wants me out of principle, party loyalty and morality to do as follows: a) Standing at Niger Bridge heading to Lagos, Bus with “No Condition is permanent” embossed on it, all seats full with benches in centre, attachment they call it awaits. b) Parking space, sign embossed ” Gregory Bus arriving soon from Malaysia” c) “Mikano Bus arriving soon from Dubai” My good friend Abati, with all my vawulence we are still friends, I’m sure. I am on the “No Condition is Permanent” bus sitting attachment, headed for a date with the #citi_BOY. That is my fate as an Igbo in Naija.

But men, the Igbo spirit will conquer The bones will rise again. Not by force, nor threats , intimidation, cursing, killing, tribal jingoism not ethnocentrism. A Resurgimento of humility, dialogue, superior educated reasoning, patience, political deep thoughts and analysis, goodluck, destiny and the mercy and benevolence of God the Father.

-Nnamani is a serving Senator and Governor of Enugu State from 1999-2007

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