Sanwo-Olu dazzles at Lagos Fashion Week, says state is epicentre for art, creative expression

Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu has again affirmed that the state remains the epicenter of art and creative expression in the country.

The governor was speaking at the Lagos Fashion Week on Saturday.

He said it was a thing of joy that Nigerians and indeed Lagosians are taking the world by storm in the area of art and fashion.

He said, “At #LagosFashionWeek 2023, I stood proudly in the heart of a city that’s the epicentre of art, culture, and expression.

“Lagos is where creativity thrives. We continue to support this vibrant community because we believe in its power to transform our city and our economy.

“Closing the Emmy Kasbit show yesterday, I’m reminded of how creativity isn’t just about fashion; it’s an economic force. Creativity is a catalyst for growth. We’ll keep investing in our creative minds, ensuring they have the platform to shine.

“The creative industry has an opportunity to significantly contribute more to our GDP and provide jobs. Our government is committed to nurturing this industry’s growth.

“Lagos and Nigeria are taking the world by storm with our art and fashion. Let’s together build a brighter, more prosperous future.”

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