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Anambra State Governor Charles Soludo hosted his primary school teacher Lady (Dr) Mebirim Angela at the Anambra State Governor’s lodge on Friday.

In a post on his Facebook page, Soludo said Dr. Angela taught him in primary three.

He also used the opportunity to thank all his primary school teachers.

“I had the rare privilege of hosting my Primary three (3) class teacher today at the Governor’s lodge, Amawbia. Lady (Dr) Mebirim, from Ahiazu Mbaise, taught me at Nigercem Primary School, Nkalagu, in today’s Ebonyi State.

“It is true that the reward of Teachers is in heaven. However, I always tell my friends that it is good to, atleast, give them advance payment here on earth first.

“Mrs. Mebirim took me through nosltagic reminiscence of my days as a Primary 3 pupil. I am glad to have her around, she didn’t forget to remind me of the need to remain a “good boy”.

“In all you do, never forget your Teacher. I remember clearly all my Primary school Teachers; Mr. Aguwa from Mbaise, taught me in Primary one, Mr. Odoh from Izza mgbo taught me in Primary two, of course Mrs. Mebirim from Mbaise taught me in Primary three, Mr. Agu from Udi taught me in Primary four, Mr. Nwaukwa from Ngwa taught me in primary five, then Mr. Chukwulozie from Ihiala taught me in Primary six. My Headmaster was Mr. I. Chineke.

“I cherish these respected persons for their roles in shaping who I have become today. May God bless them immensely,” Soludo wrote.

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