Suspect confesses to murder of sugar mummy

By Innocent Raphael

Delta State police have apprehended a suspect in connection with the murder of one Glory Akpaku in Delta State.

The suspect, identified as Akpoveta School, now in police custody, has confessed to stabbing his victim multiple times, allegedly over a financial dispute.

In an interrogation video released by Delta State Police Public Relations Officer Bright Edafe, the suspect revealed that Akpaku, whom he referred to as his sugar mummy, had allegedly refused to return N100,000 he entrusted to her for safekeeping.

Tensions escalated when she declined to hand over the money upon his request, insisting on doing so after a trip to the market.

According to the suspect, angered by the refusal and threats from Akpaku, he fatally stabbed her in the neck, hand, and stomach.

Akpoveta narrated in pidgin English (now translated), “She asked me to save some money with her and that she would return the money to me later. But when I needed the money, she refused to give it to me. Rather, she became angry.

“She asked me to escort her to the market, and I thought she would give me the money, but she insisted that she would give it to me after she returned from the market.

“I told her that I would tell her child, and she said if I told the child, she would not return my money. While she was going in front, I took a knife that I had with me and stabbed her in the neck, hand, and stomach.”

Expressing remorse, he attributed his actions to the influence of the devil.

Edafe, reacting to the confession, emphasized the need for the public to learn from such incidents.

The Police further revealed that the investigation, initiated in April, is ongoing, with plans to charge the suspect in court upon its conclusion.

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