The eight lawmakers who will be missed in 10th Lagos State House of Assembly (Part 2)

Continued from Part 1

A key lawmaker that would be missed in the 10th Assembly is Hon. Jude Idimogu. Idimogu represents Oshodi/Isolo constituency 2, a constituency with a high percentage of non-Yoruba speaking people. His constituency is one of the largest in terms of voting population and industrial estate.

He is a man of history being the first Igbo man to have won election into the House on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). Also, as an Igbo man he defeated the son of the then Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state, Chief Henry Ajomale in 2015.

The lawmaker was known for his eagerness to contribute meaningfully to debates on the floor of the House. As a Charted Accountant with much experience in investment banking, Idimogu understands the use of figure to illustrate humanitarian issues whenever such issues were presented before the House.

He always introduce fresh and different perspective to debate on the floor of the House. He ran an open door policy and was also a ‘news maker’.

Despite not being made Chairman of any Standing Committee for good three years when he came into the House in 2015, Idimogu still showed maturity.

Later, as a member of Standing Committees, he would always act professionally when they were on oversight function to government agencies under their supervision. He asked cogent questions on financial management and appropriation from the heads of such agencies.

The lawmaker is not known to stay away from plenary except if the committee he belongs go for oversight function and also if he has constituency matters that needed his urgent attention. As such, many in the House respect him for his punctuality and intellectual sagacity.

He is a diehard loyalist of Obasa and it is certain that the Speaker would missed him.

Victor Akande: This is another lawmaker whose absence would be felt. Commonly known as ‘Mr Lacuna’ in the House and like Idimogu, Akande came into the House of Assembly on the platform of the PDP)in 2015. He represents Ojo constituency 1, another constituency with large presrnce of Igbo and people from the South-South geo-political zone.

His professional calling as a legal practitioner reflected in his disposition to issues in the House. Truly, Akande understands the operations and principles of the legislature very well.

This is reflected in the way and manner he chaired the House Committee on Judiciary and Human Rights. Akande was always detailed in his Committee reports and treating of public petitions.

His robust legislative engagement and lobby tactics among his colleagues is second to none. This inform the reason why he is close to the Speaker than some of his contemporaries. This closeness pushed him up the ladder of power brokers and positioned him to be a key adviser of the Soeaker in the affairs of the House.

During Obasa’s travail in 2020, Akande was part of those who stood firmly with him and stake his neck to ensure he retained his Speakership.

Like Idimogu, Akande will be missed for his open-door policy, media relations and steadfastness in addressing issues of concern to the House.

In few months, Akande would earn his Doctorate degree in Law from Imo State University (IMSU), specializing in Constitutional Law and Human Rights.

Hon. Muyiwa Jimoh: Jimoh represents Apapa Constituency 2 for 12 years. He is of the leftist whose ideological stand aligns with neo-Marxism. Truly, before being elected into the House in 2011, Jimoh was a Civil Society organisations operator and activist of high record.

His contributions to motions and Bills were always significant to the resolutions that would always be made after the deliberation. Like Eshinlokun, Jimoh has clear understanding of the global standard practices of the Legislature. He was used to making foreign and scholarly references when debating issues in the Chamber.

This often reflects in the quality of his contributions and an indication that he usually research topics that were to be debated during plenary before commencement of sitting. With his clear thought, there was nothing he says that was not news worthy.

Bisi Yusuff: He is the longest serving lawmaker from Alimosho 1.Hon Yusuff spent 12 years and his presence was felt in all activities of the House. He was first elected a lawmaker in 2011 after serving as Chairman of Ayobo Ipaja Local Council Development Area (LCDA) for two term.

In his contributions on the floor of the House, Yusuff always treated issues from historical perspective as he would go down memory lane to tutor his colleagues on the impact of the Bill or motion at hand.

His advisory and counselling roles were significant factor in stabilising the House as he was believed to constantly render advice to the leadership on how issues should be handled. His peace-making role too would be missed.

Hon. Yusuff is in his 70s. He is full of wisdom that come with age, which could be tapped by the newly elected lawmakers.

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