This is the accomodation Bobrisky enjoys in jail

By Innocent Raphael

The Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS), Lagos State Command, amid public concerns, have disclosed that controversial social media personality, Bobrisky, has been placed in a shared cell within its premises, instead of a private accommodation.

Command spokesperson, Rotimi Oladokun, in an interview with Channels Televisions confirmed the the NCoS made the decision due to the lack of en-suite or one-bedroom style cells in the Custodial Centre.

Disclosing that the infrastructure of the cell blocks is designed for multiple inmates, Oladokun added that Bobrisky is being remanded in a male custodial centre, wearing male designated correctional clothing and receiving standard treatment, without any special amenities or privileges.

NCoS further refuted rumors circulating on social media about Bobrisky donating chairs to the correctional centre.

Despite viral posts depicting images of plastic white chairs reportedly donated by Bobrisky, the spokesperson clarified that no formal donation had been acknowledged or documented.

According to him, formal donations typically involve acknowledgment or documentation with representation from both the donor and recipient present.

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