Thrilling film ‘Offshoot’ to premiere in cinema June 14th

By Adeola Ogunrinde

A thrilling new film that promises to keep audience on the edge of their seats, “Offshoot” is set to premiere in cinemas nationwide on June 14th.

The film was produced by Oluwatoyin Adewumi, Benjamin Abejide Adeniran and directed by a Ugandan filmmaker Ayeny T. Steve.

It delivers an emotional and action-packed narrative that explores the depths of familial bonds and personal sacrifice.

Offshoot opens with Modesire Mbakwe, affectionately known as Dee, celebrating her 40th birthday following her recent appointment as the Acting Head of Investigation and Operations at the National Drug Agency (NDA).

Dee’s appointment follows the untimely death of her predecessor, and she is determined to make a significant impact by combating the drug menace that has gripped the nation.

Her husband, Dike Mbakwe, and their intelligent and beautiful teenage daughter, Amara, share in her joy.

Dee’s tenure begins with a series of triumphant raids that disrupt the operations of a powerful drug cartel. However, her success comes at a cost.

The cartel quickly targets Dee, sending her death threats that escalate in severity. Despite Dike’s pleas for caution and his growing concern for their family’s safety, Dee’s commitment to her mission is unwavering. There is no stopping her.

As the threats intensify and Amara becomes a target, the strain on Dee and Dike’s marriage reaches a breaking point. This plunges the family into a harrowing journey that endangers Dee’s career, their marriage, and possibly even her sanity.

Offshoot features compelling performances from Kehinde Bankole as Modesire Mbakwe, Kelechi Udegbe as Dike Mbakwe, Ibrahim Suleiman, Greg ‘Teddy Bear’ Ojefua, Bimbo Manuel, David Jones David, Tomiwa Sage, Vera Ephraim, Nonso Odogwu, Fausat Balogun ‘Madam Saje’, Salisu Danjuma Gezawa, Princess Kossi and other talented actors.

Their portrayals bring depth and authenticity to the gripping story.

It is a narrative that combines intense action with profound emotional moments, making it a must-watch. Don’t miss the chance to experience “Offshoot” on the big screen in a cinema near you from 14th June.

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