Tiv paramount ruler reconciles SGF, Benue Gov

By Innocent Raphael

The Tiv Traditional Council has reconciled the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Senator George Akume, and Benue State Governor, Rev Fr Hyacinth Alia.

Akume and Alia had been on a loggerhead for some months. The disagreement split the Benue APC into two camps as each camp loyal to the two gladiators.

Held at the Tor Tiv palace in Gboko, the meeting attracted supporters of both leaders, though only one delegate from each side was allowed inside with the leaders.

Chairman of the Tiv Traditional Council and the paramount ruler of the Tiv nation, Tor Tiv, His Royal Majesty Professor James Ayatse, shared details of the discussion with reporters after the meeting.

He said, “Today, being Easter Monday, I summoned the Executive Governor of Benue State, Rev Alia, and the SGF, Sen George Akume, to address the conflicts that have arisen between them,” stated the paramount ruler.

“We have engaged in discussions concerning their political differences, and we are pleased with the outcome.”

“They have told us and discussed the issues with us and we have all discussed and agreed together.

The traditional ruler further asserted that the warring parties had agreed to bury their differences and work together as a team for the good of the people.

“So all the past differences have been put aside you have a fresh start, working together in unity in cooperation and agreement for the progress and development of Benue State.

The paramount ruler emphasized the duo had made a commitment before the Tiv traditional council, while expressing believe in the resolution and physical gestures of peace made by the men in his presence.

“This decision they have taken and important, we (Tiv traditional council) are their fathers in the land, our blessings have a lot of importance in their activities so to make such commitment in the presence of the traditional rulers in the land is very weighty.

“And we do believe that they will adhere to the resolutions that were reached today,” he added.

Recall that there had been a lingering dispute between Akume and Alia, both from the Tiv ethnic group, which had centered around controlling the state’s party structure.

Despite public claims of unity and attributing party issues to external interference, recent events, notably Governor Alia’s inauguration of a factional state working committee of the All Progressive Congress, have highlighted the strained relationship between them.

Both Vice President Senator Kashim Shetima and APC National Chairman Abdullahi Gadunje have separately urged the two leaders to reconcile and prioritize peace.

None of the two leaders was able to speak with the press after the meeting.

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