Travel ban between UAE, Nigeria resolved – Keyamo

By Innocent Raphael

The travel ban between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Nigeria has been resolved, according to Festus Keyamo, Nigeria’s Minister of Aviation and Aerospace Development.

Speaking at a welcome dinner for delegates attending the International Air Transport Association (IATA) 80th Annual General Meeting and World Air Transport Summit in Dubai over the weekend, Keyamo announced that the formal resolution would be disclosed in a few weeks.

Keyamo revealed that both governments are finalizing the processes necessary for lifting the visa ban.

“The issue of visas has been resolved; only the official announcement remains. They want to dot the I’s and cross the T’s. The announcement will be made in a couple of weeks,” he said.

Highlighting the significance of the UAE as a key partner to Nigeria, Keyamo noted the substantial investments Nigerians have in the UAE.

“What we are doing is to make it easy for millions of Nigerians who have put a lot of pressure on us to ensure that we open up this route again. Second, to make the visa application easier,” he added.

Emphasizing the positive reception he received in Dubai, Keyamo shared, “I was on the same ride with the ruler of Dubai, the Minister, and the head of Emirates Group, and all the top officials of Emirates.

“There was no other person given that privilege here. That is to tell you how much they value us and want Nigeria to see it in that light. They have started to trust us again, and I want to say thank you to them. I will take it from here on.”

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