Tuggar reaffirms Nigeria’s stance of non-alignment amidst global power competition

By Innocent Raphael

Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Amb. Yusuf Tuggar, has reaffirmed Nigeria’s stance of non-alignment amidst increasing global power competition.

The Minister made this known in a recent interview with MSNBC.

Tuggar’s remarks come amidst rising tensions fueled by China and Russia’s growing influence in Africa and speculation over US military bases – a report that has been debunked by the US government.

He dismissed reports of US military base proposals, emphasizing Nigeria’s preference for indigenous solutions to security challenges.

The minister reiterated Nigeria’s commitment to strategic autonomy and non-alignment, highlighting the country’s democratic principles and successful track record in regional security efforts.

Tuggar emphasized Nigeria’s caution against Africa becoming a battleground for global power struggles, recognizing the ever-changing nature of global dominance.

He emphasized Nigeria’s ability to maintain positive relations with all parties, underlining the country’s history of non-alignment alongside its democratic values.

Tuggar also pointed out Nigeria’s electoral stability since 1999 as evidence of its democratic credentials.

While highlighting Nigeria’s proactive approach to regional security challenges, he cited the nation’s successful interventions in Sierra Leone and Liberia, leading ECOMOG, and its current efforts with the multinational joint task force involving Niger, Cameroon, and Chad.
The minister further advocated for Nigeria’s inclusion as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, citing the nation’s status as Africa’s largest democracy and its military’s success against Boko Haram insurgents.

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