What it takes to be Jagun Jagun’s art director – Tunji Afolayan

Following the success of the epic movie and Netflix Original, Jagun Jagun (The Warrior), Nollywood multiple award-winning art director, Olatunji Afolayan, reminisced on the impact of his role in the blockbuster.

In an exclusive interview with NewsAfricaNow, Afolayan – the CEO of Telegenic Media, a production design outfit explained that the movie’s storyline separated it from many other blockbuster projects he has worked on.

He said, “The first thing to note was that the story was very good. We had enough time to stimulate the idea we conceived. We started working on the pre-production two months before the shoot. I didn’t do any job in the meantime, I simply focused on Jagun Jagun.”

“We started building the set. We planned four months before shooting and began working on designing and costumes,” he disclosed.

However, Jagun Jagun was not his first hit work as art director. He revealed, “We have worked with notable and experienced film directors such as Tunde Kelani, Jimi Odumosu, Izu Ojukwu, Daniel Ademnokan, Iyke Okogwu, Dare Olaitan, Moses Nwang, Bayo Tijani, Darasen Richards, Kemi Adetiba, Jade Oshiberu, Kunle Afolayan, Aje Films, Dk K, Ayoola Opeere, Oluseyi Asurf, Taiwo Badejo (Badest), just to mention a few.

“Some of my remarkable works include King of Boys, Ijogbon, Amina, Lotanna, Ijakumo, Irapada, Dazzling Mirage, Eti ketta, Crazy People, Gone, Knockout Blessing, Merry Men 2, Crazy People, Hello Rain, Power of One, One Milli, Foreigners Gods, Nigerian Trade, Gone, Casanova, Walking with Shadows, Orisha (Netflix original film Nigeria), Battle on Buka Street, Lockdown, Ijakumo and several TV commercials and musical videos.”

“For my team, to get the best out of any brief as far as Art directing is concerned, we ride on the pedestrian that it has to be a master of cinematic storytelling. Not just that, we seek to present visual storytelling – creating spellbinding worlds on screen through Art.

“Originality is a big deal for us and via professional Art Directing, we are confident that our team of boundary-pushing artist who challenges the status quo and elevates the craft of art direction will keep changing narratives, ONE SET AT A TIME.”

Having worked on so many notable projects, it was difficult for Afolayan to rank any above others, for diverse reasons. “If I would pick the best 20, everyone is on the same scale. It majorly depends on your perception about the said movie and the angle you’re taking it from,” he stated.

“Every movie has its feel and look. Every movie has different motives and what it stands to achieve. Every project I’ve worked on has its unique input, my movies are projects that I pay particular attention to. It is a hard task to pick the best jobs so far because I have worked on different projects with different perspectives.”

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